dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

An Triumphant Fail!

t was only the day before yesterday that I claimed that I would ignore my most wanted nostalgic toy in hopes of getting something rarer. 

 No Dino Megazord for Ben
No Megazord for Ben

But today I did something dumb, really, really, really dumb! I was bored and went to look at the Dutch Ebay (marktplaats) I saw nothing unusual, all I wanted was to lol on how high the prices are for some of the not so good looking collectors items. But then I noticed something rare. An rare thing that last time went away for waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much (around €110 to be exact) and seeing no bids and how close it is to my home town, I just had to bid on it in a way that would ensure that it would come in to my possession. I could have gone for €15,- or at the highest €20,-. But noooooooooooo I had to bid €30,- way to high for a starting offer. And the dumb thing is. WE DON'T HAVE THE MONEY FOR IT THIS MONTH!!!. This is supposed to be one of those cramped *save as much as you can* months, where we save just enough to pay the last bills. So now I'm stuck with a pissed mother, who doesn't like it one bit that I did this behind her back. It was a mistake, a big mistake and yet.... I'm actually glad that I did this!!. I never EVER got a shot at the damn Megazord because I was to young and to dumb to buy one as soon as I saw it. This will put us back about €50 with travel costs included (I fail) and this early (though all things considered long over due) Christmas gift is going to bite my @$$ when this is over. And I'm fully aware of this.
 What I'm about to buy

 What I'm about to buy

Even though the person who's trying to sell it to me failed to even form the Megazord, I'd have to say it looks pretty good for such an old toy. Especially the Mastodon Zord. But yet again the Triceratops is missing its horns lol. Some things are notable especially the fact that it has the *Sun Wukong* shield of the Red ShogunZord. But that's not what I'm interested in. No what I noticed is that for some dumb reason the Megazord has the Dragonzord's tail between its legs. Little weird but i do hope she has it. 

This was a stupid impulsive thing to do and I'm ashamed of my myself. Now I'm going to apologize to my mom for breaking my promise. LoL I feel sorry and feel happy for myself at the same time. XD (I fail)
Editor's Note: Looking back I am glad that I did it ^^

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