dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Sigh... I Tried To Ignore It....

And yet It came back me whilst searching for knock-offs.... Sigh... This is total face palm material -_-
This is the Chinese Super Sentai anime called Beast King *shutters* Its 46 episodes and has so much things taken from several series that it has the Koreans green with envy!! And that's the biggest freaking achievement of the year!!! I'll give you a summary of what I can see just from the opening. (also I'm bored)

The Analysis
00:00 Right from the start something unoriginal, most people would think of Magiranger but it reminds me more of Zyuranger's original mandala.
00:02 First of the robot looks like RID Megatron with a weirder helmet.
00:05 But now you can CLEARLY see where they took it from!!  And they even name it the Mythical Beasts Megazord xD
00:06 This kind of stance looks familiar doesn't it? Reminds me of Transformers.
00:07 And for the record IMO the tortoise actually looks cool! Unlike the other. 
00:08 - 01:11 Blurry blandness. 
00:12 Big eared Galvatron!!! xD
00:16 Nope neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeveeeeeeeeeeeeeeer saw this before.... ahem.... 
00:20 Magi Maagi Majiiro!!
00:22 Never saw that before either but i can forgive them for this.
00:27-00:29 MY EYES!!!  
00:33 God dammit they still live xP Also Megatron again XD 
00:34 Never saw the Megazord move like that!! well except that one time. 
00:38 Why are the villains cheering for the good guys? weird. Also they remind me of less likeable and dumber Bulk & Skull. 
00:39 Maagi Magi Magika!! 
00:46 - 00:47 Hakajyu Gattai!!  
00:52 - 00:58 Not card games on motorcycles, noooo they took this from something else that came out this year!
01:00 Again <3 The Turtle 
01:01 Megazord sequence activate!! 
01:04 O GOD NO!! They dance? urrrrg i feel sick >.< 
01:05 No just NO!! I can forgive this because its the company who owned it at that time due to a movie and an anime. But China.. I CAN"T FORGIVE YOU!! >.< 
01:06 - 01:34 Blandness and so booooring!. 

I thought I would be about to catch more but it seems that I overestimated this magnitude of the ripping in this video. But that doesn't mean that there isn't more. As you can see in the picture posted above there's a second mecha which is a bland Dragonzord knock-off, Which only exists for a power-up. I can't say much about the series itself other then it being in mandarin and hard to find on the net. Also I remember seeing this on a site posted by Digifiend, But I can't remember which one.  

As for the Toy I found:

By DM Fighter on Youtube

I would say yes its an half-assed knock-off with a few mistakes but IMO some parts of it actually look cool! If I had 2 of these and a Dragonzord I would take two of the Dragonzord leg parts from the KO's and a Tortoise for the arms. Now THAT would look cool in my collection :)
Editor's Note: I've been thinking of buying it. But I think getting official merch comes first :) Edit: Sorry if some links don't work. I can't seem to find good replacements for most of them

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