dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Things I Managed To Buy Yesterday

Yesterday it was really busy, My mom wanted to go around in The Hague and take pictures of the city we lived in for 16 years, This was for Facebook lol. Back on topic I did buy allot but there was one main reason to go to the Hague aside from having fun, and that's the Ultraman: Complete Collection I ordered a month ago.
I did own it already but a friend of mine also wanted it, whilst I wanted a new set. So we made a deal that I'd give him my old set for cheap and I get an excuse to buy a new one. This is something I did before and I'm aware that this is a good way to lose money lol. But how I see it is that we both have what we want and that's all that matters :). I also got Austin Powers 2 as a gift from him and I dunno why, lets move on XD
I finally got to buy my new albums for my Pokémon cards they where €7,95 pp its not cheap but with those I'm already set for the next 10 years lol. Though now I feel a bit sorry for not buying the neutral blue or black versions of the same brand. I will be updating in a few weeks but I'll take my time with that ^^
Moving on, the local game shop had a sale this is where I saw some Pokémon collectibles like this Charmander that I did not choose to buy lol. My mom choose it she said that I wanted it back in the day and now its just €1,95. Its pretty awesome but I will NEVER put batteries in this thing i know how annoying the sound are lol. What they also got where some kind of educational cd-roms for €0,50 pp, I just took one for the hell of it after all it is some 10+ years old and it still looks like its brand new. :)

Now something that just made my day, In the second hand shop call the Kringloop, I found this a Power Axe! Its in perfect condition considering its a 90's toy! I'm still happy with this I always wanted the power weapons but I never was allowed to buy them!! :D This is also my favourite of the Power Weapons since it has two modes and lets face it axes that turn into guns are MORE awesome then guns turning in to swords. After I found it I knew the rest of the power weapons might be around and I went searching for them immediately!! lol
And then I found the Power Sword also in good condition! man this is lucky after 15+ damn years I finally got two of the power weapons I was whining about back then! lol Though its kind of a shame that I didn't found the rest the where sold off I guess, nothing to be done about that :)
I now keep them like this in semi-Power Blaster mode lol. Last thing I got was a cool Red Ranger figure that also was in good condition. This made me think that some other Toku fan gave up and sold all his stuff to the store and I was just to late to pick all that stuff up. O well I'm still happy I got these three anyway ^^

Aside from all the shopping

I also made allot of nice photo's that day and i want to show a few them off :)
Most of these are taken in the city, the Museon a museum where I went ALLOT when I was you and in Scheveningen the beach of The Hague. :) I really wanted a good sunset so I took allot of pictures of the sun :P now I know nothing else to talk about lol till the next blog ^^

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