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Power Ranger Blog: Small Stuff Jackpot!! And Bootlegs

Well I'm finally blogging again after saaaaaaaay 2/3 months or so? (laziness rules!!) A  few weeks ago I went to a second hand shop to get some new figures (also new pots and pans for mum) and digging around there I found LOTS of little bits and pieces I was missing from my 15 year old collection!

First of the Tiger Zord!!

Hell yeah this tiger is almost completed!! (still missing those red orb things) first I found a bootleg tail/sword. But then when I came back a week later the original was lying ON TOP OF THE PILE!!! It can't get any more meant to be then that! XD Aside from that I also found a couple of Shogun Megazord swords so that both of them finally have a sword. (and hey one extra is always better) I also found a bootleg Thunder Megazord mask... dunno why I took it actually... 

Next My White Ranger Figure! Has Become a Pastiche Figure... lol
Okay first of I apologize for the state my figure is in. Yes it did change it colour over time and it does have purple pencil marks on its legs. This is what happens when you haven't touched the figure for 12 years lol Its nothing acetone can't fix but I didn't take the time to do so and frankly its probably going to get those marks again lol. Now about what I found, I finally found a tiger shield to go with my figure and a Saba too. But the problem is that they including the tiger power coins is from the movie figure and not the original I got. so it does not fit at all!. What also seems to be a problem is that I dropped the shield (which did not fit together any way.. thank you Bandai America) and it broke. My mom glued it together it finally fits together again. I also finally found that damn smaller Saba again so I put it together with my necklace just to show of what other fans will never own (ha ha! go to Park Pop Holland for the silver necklace guys!) I'm so happy with the coin!! I never got to own a morpher and the only one I did get was a metal mastodon coin which I lost when we moved here. So yeah very happy!! :D
The Thunder Saber!!
Hell yeah I found it again!!! and I had the empty sheath for like 10 years now!! I just knew I would one day find one and i did!! :D I also got the other side of my Red Dragon Thunderzords bo which forms a polearm combined with the extra Poenix Thunderzord's tail i found as well :) This was a good catch but I feel like its missing something, maybe i need to mutilate a Chinese fan to make the sabre look better?
Mini DaiRenOh Bootleg Complete?  
Well this is weird I got this bootleg from Dordrecht and now I found a smaller Red Dragon Thunderzord's bo at the same store as all the other stuff! and it honestly looks better ^^
Some Bootleg And Other Small Stuff

I found this at the store too but not the vinyl figure that one I found waaaaay earlier lol. So I got an extra (got 3 now) head for the Red Thunderzord. 3 Power Blasters and a mini Power Sword and a mini Power Axe. This is a good thing for me because I recently got a new Black Power Ranger figure (Zack) to match it. also there's that tail again ^^

The Bootlegs. Yes i do collect those too!!!
Meet Zack's EVIL robotic twin brother!! (who is ironically enough probably a better driver and drunk then him) I dunno what the f^ck!ng hell these people where thinking but this does not shout POWER RANGERS!! It has red eyes and a metallic face. Not only that but its design overall DOES NOT MAKE ANY SENSE!! it has a Spades of Ace design and some sort of Power Coin motive that does not show clearly what it represents. My first thought was that it looked like a Jambiya dagger of sorts but that doesn't explain the two other lines that seemed to have faded away. Also it has two pouches instead of one like the Power Ranger figures that seemed to only have one for the Power Blaster and that's it. Kinda makes me wonder what would have come with this figure lol Aside from that it has decent articulation and I got it for free.
Another weird bootleg. I got this vinyl figure for 25 cents at another store. Its a damn weird one I tell you! It has a helmet with a frog motive which suggests that it was made during season 3 (Though they never changed the outfits for that season or movie and Kakuranger don't have helmets like these) and its the only cool thing about it!. It also has a fake pouch which shows that it has Power Blaster exactly like the Power Rangers do. But the weird thing is that I don't think the legs and torso belong together. And that's because they don't exactly fit together even though that's how I found it. The only other thing that stands out is the Hawk pattern on its chest which seems to be referencing the Falcon Zord but I doubt it ^^

Where I Keep All This Loose Stuff
At least I found a use for my bootleg Tor, Since it didn't fit the Tigerzord or red Dragon Zord it was pretty much worthless up till now :)
So this is how it goes in the 2nd hand shopping world! a child sees a big robot or Power Ranger figure and leaves all the small stuff people have been missing for at least a decade. Real handy for me but I do wish is would one day find a good original morpher or Megazord at a 2nd hand store. I guess I just need the right timing :s
Editor's Note: Man I still find that Shuttlezord to be handy ^^

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