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My First True Online Buy: Wake Up The Hero~

Sure I have ordered stuff of the net before but I never actually paid online. For the manga I could just order in advance and pay them at the shop. I still do this to this day. But I never actually got to buy something with paypal and shipping till now.

Issues And What I Ended Up With

I was already a plastic addict before I tried this and being online I always see cool cheap stuff I just have to buy. First It was a Gokaiphone and rangerkeys (Which whent unavailable pretty quickly) Then a 2nd grade Turbo Robo (cheap plastic) from Turboranger. Which I changed my mind on because it didn't look that great and the seller wasn't that trustworthy. Then I started planning stuff and finally ended up with a bunch of things I want to get for my birthday, and which I am going to blog about somewhere next month. But for now I planned to go with
So after some mistakes with my mother who didn't trust Paypal as much as I did. But eventually we got some compromise and things seem to go smoothly at the moment.

So About That Black RX

Its really cool and it didn't take as long to get here as I thought it would. I ordered it from CStoys International a great export shop located in Matsuyama who always to live pack and ship shows on Tuesdays and Fridays if any costumers want to see them packed. When I was watching the show on Friday the 29th it was around 4 AM here and Mr.S the host of the show was showing us some of the last Kamen Rider OOO medals they got from Bandai though a middleman. It was stormy and despite the many close lightning strikes in my neighbourhood I decided to stay up.... Then the tree next to our flat was hit and our power got cut off....
 And I had to get to bed with out seeing it being shipped :P
Any way back to the figure, It arrived right on time and despite the fact that the Black RX got about was around 5 more to ship through CStoys then it did on other the sites (I couldn't find it there) My mom did agree that my decision was right. It is one hell of an awesome figure and sadly I don't think my skill as a blogger is enough to fully describe the figure. So here's Internet Personality Vangelus to explain the epicness that is this figure.

While I going to ramble about why I bought it other then all the above ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

Firstly it is my birthday Kamen Rider!!!

Yes it started in October 1988 but it ended in September 1989. My birthday episode would be Episode 37 (07/16/1989) which is a fairly decent episode about Crisis ninja's.... Sadly I never watched it with subs that weren't urine yellow and as accurate as a book hand written by a blind alcoholic. But going by the episodes I did watch with good subs by Grownups in Spandex (link will be up later) and the fact that I watched most of Kamen Rider Black - Subbed by Pal from Century Kings tells me the show is as epic as the fact that it seems to be linked to me throughout most of my life. XD

The Other Reasons

The first time I learned about Kamen Rider Black RX was when I was watching Power Rangers in the Friend In Need storyline. In the 3 episode storyline Saban dubbed RX to be Prince Dex of Edenoi who got his powers from his father. Who wasn't that bad in the story line. But then again it was a bit hazy for me. I mostly remember it from the fact that Kimberly the Pink Ranger was sick and alone... poor Kim. Any way shortly after that Dex got a spin-off and a evil muppet..... O $^%$^$%@# God it was a ^$&$@^%&$ pile of crap. I HATED IT!! I STILL HATE IT!! DAMN YOU OLD SABAN DAMN YOU!! I despise it >_>
I bought this for closure so I can continue loving Black RX now and forever more and forget the shit pile that is Saban's Masked Rider....
Sadly Kotaro is still stuck to Dex who got more and more douchy with every second that passed in the series..... :(


The figure was made in 2009 so technically its a 20th anniversary figure. Though I only thought of that after I got it. The first reason was actually something that's been going on for a long time now. In 1996 I bought a bike which no figure and it stayed without that figure till now.
My Accrobatter is in almost a perfect scale with this action figure. I kept it in *almost* mint condition for this long and all this time the batteries didn't even gave up. Sure I still have no damn Idea what its saying (NO ITS NOT JAPANESE) but it still works fine non the less.
It fits in so well that the legs just barely can touch the pegs which where supposed to support the original figure.
The only pet peeve I have with this figure is the fact that It didn't come with hands that could grab the handles of Accrobatter. Which do come with the much more to scale but more expensive Tamashii Exclusive S.H.Figuarts Accrobatter. And sadly even if they where packed with the RX figure I do doubt they would be able to grasp the handles. So now I just use the concentrated hands of Black RX like he's slightly grasping the handles. I'm not that happy with this because its not that secure at the moment... Maybe I'll get little see-through plastic bands to secure the hands or something like that... That's about it with Black RX. Seems this blog ended up as much of a boring mess as Saban's Masked Rider was. So I'll end it here, by saying that I'm going to blog about what I got for my birthday LONG after my actual birthday and I'll blog about them one by one ^^
I'll just leave you guys with the opening:

See you when I feel like it :)
Editor's Note: Well our power is back on and so is our Internet. Luckily it only needed to be switched back on.

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