dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Birthday blog 2: KO Turbo Robo Junior

My Jetman set is ordered and it will be here somewhere around this upcoming week. I also ordered one the 3 Gokaiger items I wanted and its already here. So all is well for now. But when I started buying things on-line we did something wrong. I was interested in a Turboranger item since its from 1989 my birth year. And my mother pressed buy before I could ask questions to the seller. After that I thought I cancelled the order, But the seller made a case and now I'm stuck with it. lol

As you can see it looks nice for something that old. It shows the 5 rangers but not really next to their respective vehicles. It says JR which I think is the company that made the KO rather then a toyline. I say that because nowhere on this box does it show the Toei logo nor the Bandai logo. You'd have better luck finding Waldo on this box.
On the back it show a group shot of the team which is cool. Above that are photo's of the models actually used in the show and on the right is oddly enough the official version of Turbo Robo. If the seller had shown more pictures of the box instead of the crappy 24x24 picture he did use I wouldn't have bought it for this price.
Inside everything seems to intact. Even the sword is there and also the Japanese instruction paper. Which btw shows that its supposed to be like a CandyToy/Miniplay So that's at least something to be happy about. ^^
Lets start with the vehicles for Yellow Turbo and Blue Turbo which are Turbo Buggy and Turbo Jeep. They leave allot to be desired.... Since the KO company was to cheap for Blue and Yellow plastic they made them red and black and as in the DX version they form the feet. So they are really, really, really tiny... But I do like the stickers. They are very detailed and they look accurate. ^_^
Pink Turbo's Turbo Wagon is the brick of the set and seeing how this is just a little bigger then a Candy Toy set is saying something. I wish they painted the windows since I am afraid to do it myself.
Black Turbo's Turbo Truck is so big that it should have been the brick, but when doing to transformation it really does allot, so I'm not calling it that. Again I wished it had stickers for the windows and maybe they could have put a silver sticker up front to highlight the spoiler. But alas cheap company is cheap. Also the red part that was supposed to turn in to the shield is supposed to be white. They should have done that. :/
Red Turbo's Turbo GT is AWESOME!! at least the DX version! xP This is cool to but it doesn't hold up. They could have added black wheels instead of Red and again with the windows, it just annoys me!. The positive thing I can say is that awesome huge T symbol on front I <3 it ^^.
The combined form of Turbo Robo Junior looks cool but messy. Even if you transformed it like 5 times. The arms are in an eternal balancing act and the back panels of Turbo Truck are hanging loosely inside Turbo GT. The left foot is higher then the right since the fin of Turbo buggy doesn't really lock in to place making it stick out like an inch. The Turbo Wagon was annoying as hell I had to split it in two and then I had to open those the parts open too. Which went really slow at first xD. But the most problems I had was ironically with the Turbo GT part of Turbo Robo JR. (which is the easiest part on the DX version) I had to pop the head in to two small pegs while keeping the Turbo Truck parts in place and pressing an additional white piece on the GT. Which I really don't understand because It makes the head pretty much disappear on the bot. Speaking of the head it's really ugly. Instead of making it 1 color they made it red and white.
In two weeks I'll be getting my Jetman set and a new router since the lightning strike broke mine.... Yeah I'll be without Internet for 2 weeks... yay~ :/
MV originally edited by Theippacha who got his account deleted by Youtube and of course ©Toei
Editor's Note: I had to upload the video from my pc. I hope it works.... Also I am happy with this thing after all, even though its not the most show accurate of the 3 figures I have of it xD Edit: It does :)

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