dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

My Old Dusty Dirty Zord Collection

I've been procrastinating about this allot and its been dragging on for to long now so I'm finally posting my Zord collection. My old dusty Megazord collection that I didn't even bother cleaning before taking photo's lol
First of my good old Tigerzord and my good old Red Dragonzord. These two are still very intact though they are missing weapons (the tail of Tigerzord was missing when I first bought it) Sure Tigerzord has turned a bit yellow but there was nothing i could do about that lol.
Here's them in Warrior Mode you can actually see the decay on some of the stickers, don't ask me how that came to be I still find it weird.
A yes the ThunderZord Assault Team still looks awesome! even though i switched Pegasus Zord with the Griffin Zord because I was in a hurry (dinner time)  I have this set complete I'm not even missing the tail of the Phoenix Zord yes its in a box in my closet right now but at least I know where it is :)
A yes the awesome Thunder Megazord its HUGE!!~ the only problem is that the Red Dragon Zord's legs keep getting stuck in the other two. It took me about two tries before getting it right
The Mega TigerZord its even bigger then the original combination and its also less stable its standing all crooked and parts keep falling off. this is my least favourite combination.

This is Tor but not the official toy!! No according to some its a bootleg because its far smaller then the real toy and thus not compatible with the rest of the Zords mentioned above its also missing its horn for some reason.
The Ninja Megazords maybe my most favourite Zords of them all!! I played so much with these Zords that it still surprises me that I have the almost complete collection!!
The Ninja Megazord and the Falcon Zord man they are awesome!! To this day it still pisses me off that I lost the glove thingie that should have covered the Wolf Zord's head. I took a guess where I last had them but my dad doesn't live there any more. :( The Falcon Zord scarred me for live! no seriously those clips of that makes it attach to the various Megazords left a permanent mark on my arms. XD
The Ninja Mega Falconzord my most favourite combo EVER!! its a Megazord that can FLY how awesome is that!!! Think its time to talk about the background lol that Kakuranger cover is from I bootleg Starscream toy I bought ages ago, I don't know why the hell the used that picture but it seems to be directly stolen from the candy toy version of Kagukare DaiShogun which makes it that more awesome for a photo :D
The Shogun Megazord and the Shogun Zords, yes I bought two because a castle Megazord is just AWESOME!! with its defining shapes and forms that was obviously based on a Japanese fort :)
Reason why I bought a second one the Shogun Mega FalconZord! I was actually hoping to get multiple Falcon Zords but I never got the chance to buy more lol
Ninjor and GunMajin no not Auric the Conqueror! this is the Japanese version I bought it when I was 10. I lost the key though and that still pains me to this day its still a cool figure though. As for Ninjor he`s complete I still own the sword but its in the same box as the tail of Phoenix Zord XD

Battle mode on!! lol This is still cool every time I change these two XD

And that's it aside from my Petra Zord and Tricera Zord this is all I got from my early Power Ranger Days lol
Editor's Note: I think my newest robot is now my favourite formation :)

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  1. That Tor isn't a bootleg. That's the "Special Size" Tor,

    1. Yes you are right. But I did not know that back then because I never found the toy in the store. Now I know because of toy lists from other bloggers.