zondag 14 augustus 2011

My New KO Moka Akashiya Figure

My second online buy is an Ebay item. It was fairly cheap at a price of €19.89 with no shipping costs. Which is good because I don't have money for the official version which is from €90 to €127, And I'd rather spend that on more manga instead of 1 figure that isn't posable or diecast. (nor a Sentai mech).
The box is fairly nice for a KO its only it the lighter parts on the top of the box that you can see its printed out differently then you would expect from an official Japanese company like Good Smile. Also I got the Rosario but I keep it in the box because I fear I would lose it.
And the figure itself is also great for a copy. The dress is totally different colour compared to what's presented on the box. And that's something that bothered my mom who liked the colour on the official figure. But in truth I don't mind it that much since its not really a bad substitute red and the paint job is really good for a HK knock-off.
The mirror is good though I don't see the point of it. Even If I was someone who bought this for ''ecchi'' reasons its not much use to me because It so high up in my cabinet it might as well not exist. :P
The cross is also annoying. on the official I noticed its in a totally different place and in this version it likes to go up a little so the cross doesn't lean back. This makes a gap that you can clearly see above.
The hair...... Where to begin.... Okay, lets start with that hair line you see above. I noticed allot of faults in this knock-off and yet I still bought it. But that hairline didn't stand out that much. And now it annoys me a bit. It just looks to much like what it truly is, like two parts someone glues together. It actually looks fine on the official version. It pretty much invisible on that one. Also I <3 Inner Moka's long white/silver hair...... Can I have some more white paint please!?! TO MUCH DAMN PURPLE!!! it looks like Barney's wizz!! :P. I did use some paint on the figure, which you can sadly see in the photo above. The nails where pink and I didn't think it fitted with the colour scheme of the figure. So I painted it white like on the box. Sure it looks messy and my mom or aunt could have done it. But I did it anyway. I can always fix it with acetone when my mom decides its not that great.
Another problem is that the figure is also out of place due to the cross. So Moka's foot is actually over the mirror platform. Its really annoying because now I can't really place it right.
I now have it kinda crooked next to my manga collection. But of course its not really set right because I had just put it back after taking photo's. The manga really rest well against the cross. And despite all its cheap faults its what I bought it for the manga and I like it for that! (Btw at first I liked the anime, but every time I re-watch it and a new tonkabon is released I keep liking it less and less. The manga always trumps the anime.).
I now got enough money to buy stuff. I was planning on a Gokaiger haul but right now I only got enough for the Jetman set which is already on its way here. I'll blog about it when I have it :)
Editor's Note: I can't believe how fast the new volumes come out and chapters are scanlated. I really like where the story line is going and I'm looking forward to the next volume coming out in October even though I already read the chapters :) 

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