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Kelleth: Some More Story Line Part #1

I actually did not want to put an ending to the fan-fic that I reposted. But I think I left it a little bit to open. In a metaphorical sense what I gave you guys was just like the trailer and the 5 minute intro of a game. Which ain't that much. So I guess I'll put down some more plot which would have been added if it where a script for a Rune Factory game :P
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Also keep in mind that certain parts of this story are hastily pasted together. Meaning that it does not take place in 1 day, but rather several weeks maybe even months. So stuff does happen which are not being mentioned in this blog for the sake of keeping it short. Think of it as cut-scenes.

First for the people who where to lazy to read the previous blog

Kelleth a Sechs Super Soldier and his parents escape and he disappears. Some time later he ends up at the north East end of Norad country. He sees a farm, fall asleep and gets slapped by a cute half-elf who he later saves from berserking orcs. The half-elf named Desseliah gives him a farm and asks him to meet the town. He think ''why the hell not?'' and runs after her.

And Now To Tie The Ends Of The Plot Part 1

Spring Dungeon (Forest)
 Red Ant
Red Ant
Desseliah and Kelleth meet the town people and finally meet Desseliah's great uncle (Kabor) from her human father's side. He used to run the now neglected farm but finding monster ranching more fun and the settings of the farm wrong for a ranch. He bought some new plot of land and started a business there in stead. He asks Kelleth who he is and where he comes from but seeing how its been previously said that the Sechs empire has been invading Norad, Kelleth just claims he doesn't remember fearing that they would chase him out of town. The grandfather is happy that some new help arrives because the plants have not been growing at all in that part of Norad. Its been said that its because the seasonal Summer dungeon is running out of its borders lately. He request you ask the blacksmith (T'Nog, a dwarf) to help him out on a quest to see what's wrong. Kel goes back to the black smith who tells him that he must first train allot to get to the Summer dungeon. His training is basically made out of farming and fishing to get the village more food. After that he needed to fulfil an exam that consisted out of going to the Spring dungeon and beating the biggest monster around. (which is basically the first boss game-wise)

Game time and events will pass so meeting people and events have happened but are not mentioned directly in this blog

Summer Dungeon (Desert)
 Goblin Pirate
Goblin Pirate
After that a season has passed. T'Nog now finds Kelleth worthy of surviving the monsters in the Summer dungeon and together they run run off to check out what exactly is wrong. Passing and closing a few gates and the monsters that appear from it,T'Nog mentions that the monsters seem twice as strong then usual. But it isn't really a problem just yet. They finally reach the middle of the dungeon. Where they find another Sechs power plant which runs machines that keep gates open. It was abandoned for some reason but its still functional. The power plant doesn't seem to be working like it used to and is probably what caused the Summer dungeon to expand. Suddenly they hear a loud roar and a sudden earth shift upwards suddenly block the way out. From out the shadows mutated forms in Sechs uniforms appear squealing from pain and anger. T'Nog tell Kelleth to turn of the machine while he defeats the mutants. Kelleth runs towards the machine and out of the earth another wall of earth separates him from the blacksmith. He suddenly feels a whole range of negative emotions burning him as his tattoo's become pitch black again. The machine has gone array and formed a humanoid shape which proceeds to attack Kelleth. (Boss Battle)
Back To Town
Meanwhile no one seems to notice the Sky whale from Rune Factory Frontier right above their heads

The machine was beat and the Sechs goons turned to normal. A light escapes from the machine and thrusts itself in to Kelleth who then fall unconscious. T'Nog who is strong because of his job as a blacksmith, not only carries Kelleth in one arm but also drags the 4 chained up Sechs soldiers to the town. Once back the captured soldiers (bound to be picked up by the Norad army) tell the towns people that all they remember was that the energy source of the machine was kept secret by the higher ups and the only thing they where supposed to do is keep the thing maintained and save. And that there are several more of those machines spread out over the 4 different dungeons. Desseliah being an half-elf is worried about the Spring Dungeon (forest) and runs of to find the machine. Not even thinking about her own safety or the fact that the machine might run amok too. Kelleth awakes to a crowd of people (mostly marriage candidates as it follows the traditions of the original games) at his bed side. Kabor tells him that he has been out for a while, and since he destroyed the rouge machine they hope he will help them destroy the others and make the land prosper again. Before Kabor can go on with his eternal rambling some one runs in saying that Desseliah was heading towards the Spring dungeon just a few hours easier and has not returned yet. Kabor tells T'Nog to go check on it, But T'Noch still seems injured from the battle with mutants. Kelleth immediately volunteers to go in to the dungeon. And against the concerns of his friends he heads of as quick as he can with new stronger weapons given to him by T'Nog and food the villagers gave him for the trip.

Spring Dungeon (Forest Again)  
 Monster Mushroom
Monster Mushroom
He enters the forest and instantly noticed that its far from the training grounds he was used to. He fights his way trough even more powerful monsters then the one he had encountered in the desert. He kept running back home to heal, forge better weapons and get more powerful. (Which in game time would be at least a few days) Till he was strong enough to beat his way through the army of monsters. He finally reached the flowerbed in the middle of the forest. There he sees Desseliah unconscious but alive lying half way on an Shrine dedicated to the elf kind and the forest. ''She must have fought till she was exhausted and fell asleep here'' ''So strong...'' He puts his jacket over her and lays down some food and medicine for her after he made sure the gate was destroyed. He whispers ''I'll be back as soon as I take care of this'' as he looks on to the road ahead which seems to be the origin of allot of noise. He runs towards it to find an huge ugly Chimera-like creature which seemed to have been the machine which has fused itself with not only the soldiers that guarded it but also several very powerful monsters in the area including the monster he was supposed to test himself at the beginning of his adventure. The only way he seems to want to beat this abomination is to hit the non organic parts till those fall apart. (Boss Battle) After destroying the mechanical parts a light yet again phases towards him and fuses with him. Instead of fainting like he did last he is able to stay up. He sees the monsters separating like nothing ever happened teleporting back to the Forest of Beginnings. And the humans fall unconscious on the floor. Desseliah walks towards him with his jacket still around her and without even wiping her mouth from the food she chowed down. ''I-Is it over?'' Kelleth replies '''The forest is cleared and back to normal again!'' as he ties down the villains and wakes them up. With a big grin on his face he says: ''I'm going home to tell the others that you are all-right and to hand these guys to the authority!'' He looks at her ''Are you coming too?'' Blushing she just nots ''Yes'' and joins him as they all walk to the town.
End of Part 1
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