zondag 14 augustus 2011

A Forced Blog

I'm trying to hold off the next chapter of Kelleth as much as possible. But I still feel the need to blog so I'll just post some unimportant stuff I got these past two months. Its nothing interesting or manga related :P

At a 2nd hand shop I found this Nokia 3300 and the lady there sold it to me for just €2 because they originally though it was a cheap Tetris console. So of course I shut my yap and bought it. It works sorta.... Its OK button is a bit laggy but if you keep on pressing it will eventually respond ^_^. I spend €10 at the AH for a new sim (its sim lock free too! handy.) and nothing seems to be wrong with it. Of course It didn't came with an adapter but I still had the adapter from my Sister's old Nokia 3310i and thus I got a second phone XD
Yeah this was an expensive buy but I got trough after all. I got the PSP 3004 for €50 which seems cheap especially for the fact that it came with two games without boxes (that being a God of War game and Soul Calibur) But with the extra games I still got on towards €100. Harvest Moon: €34.00, Lumines: Puzzle edition: €9.99, Loco Roco: €9.50, = € 53.49 + € 50 =103.49. The lady who sold me this thing promised me to look out for a second one so I won't have to share it with my mom. But my mom says its unnecessary so we're keeping that on hold which is looking back for the better. Its still hard to get used to the PS1 load times again and the 3d lol Also I'm using this thing as back up for my GBA games through means which I'll keep to myself. But my mom does like that she can play Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town on the PSP now instead of the buggy GBA we have. Also YES THAT's SIMON BEATING UP THE ANTI-SPIRAL IN A BOXING MATCH as my PSP wallpaper! :D


I got two Transformers for €10 each.

First thing I got a Battle Blade Bumblebee actually the only one I actually wanted but never got the chance to find. And man this thing is awesome! I'm so happy that I got it. though 1 tiny pet peeve I got:
 Hasbro FAIL!
 Hasbro FAIL!
The other one is the movie Ironhide but I've seem to have misplaced it. But I'm pretty certain that I did not leave it at my grandparent's place.
Its not as cool as the Bumblebee and I keep getting the breast (lol) plates wrong so I kept it in its alt.mode seen in this picture.

And that's it for my pointless padding.... Off to being bored again >_>
Editor's Note: I found the damn thing btw. But I still keep it in vehicle mode....

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