zondag 14 augustus 2011

I Hit Gold!...Drak!!!

I already posted in several  threads that I'm lucky at free markets... Well now I'm sure that I'm REALLY lucky at free Markets ^^

I bought this cool Grendizer figure for just €15 its in good shape. Non of the stickers are missing and it barely lost its colour. What I love the most about this is that its die-cast so its mostly metal and its heavy in a good quality way lol. The fact that I'm calling it Goldrak instead of Grendizer is justified because even though its covered in Kanji it was made in Italy (viva Italia!!). Any way its very cheap IMO.
But it does have its faults though this Grendizer is missing its Double Harken, It also misses a projectile disk which has been replaced by the pointy thing projectile (see box) which doesn't fit the side where the disk should be located. Also on the Grendizer itself the bolt that's supposed to hold the leg together is kinda lose. This is kinda sad now that I think of it but for just €15 its good and I think I'll be able to fix it sooner or later :)

So this was my catch for today now if you'll excuse me I got to find  place for this super Robot XD
Editor's Note: I really need to dust this thing...

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  1. Cool! Do you still have it? Would you eventually consider to sell or trade it? I have tons of toys or I will pay well, please let me know.