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Dream Homes (As in homes I dreamt about)

Screw the dream thread! no one's going to post in there so I might as well make a blog out of this :P  I have had numerous dreams about having houses that I could never own in any life time whatsoever and I can't seem to shut up about those so my Mom suggested blogging about it. And since my old blog account is deleted by yours truly I'm going to blog here instead. Deal with my nutty rambling about dreams long past! :P
 My dad lived in the building you see here next to the mill and under that a pub which is now closed
 My dad lived in the building you see here next to the mill and under that a pub which is now closed

The Mill
When I was young I used to dream about living in a beautiful converted and modernized mill. I remember having an old English/Dutch style kitchen on the first floor. My bed was on the second floor and the top floor was haunted so I felt that I should never go there. This is not such a weird dream because I can remember visiting my dad's old home in Dordrecht which was next to THE mill and was haunted for sure. And having a noisy bar just a floor below us did not help much either. So one would expect to dream about sleeping just next door even if its a dust old mill

The Water/Tower
This seems to be a constant thing in my early days, dreaming about towers and English style kitchens. The only thing that differs this dream from the Mill one in my memory was that it was located at the sea in a tiny fishing village. Which now reminds me a bit of the 
panorama mesdag painting of oud-Scheveningen. Also I remember that this time the kitchen was strictly high-tea English instead of old fashioned.
Warhol House
This was..... weird and unpleasant. The first thing I remember was that it was messy and not messy like it is now. The ''messy'' I now have is organized mess something which is easily cleaned but doesn't have to be done right away. No this was pure unadulterated trash. Tables filled with scraps of food I don't even like eating. Cardboards of milk on the couch and on the floor, clothes every where.. Basically college crap! Other then that I did not like what I saw, It was a stupid looking stand alone house built like a 1960's mountain penthouse with a Mondrian colour scheme. It looked ugly and boring, and that basically how I felt about it in that dream.

 Like this
 Like this
This is kinda cheating since its in the same dream as the one above, basically after I left that pile of crap I went to my Mom's place to get some left over stuff. But instead of her living here, she lived in a BIG Herenhuis which was mostly empty from what I remember. But it basically had huge Georgian style rooms backed up with a loooooong Victorian hall (I find using British eras easier then Dutch). My old (not real) room on the second floor was filled with old stuff and my mom only lived downstairs. What was weird was that I seemed to walk around a few times past one room which was closed and quiet towards a room which I identified as my mother's old room. It was empty except for one tv which is weirdly enough real and upstairs lol. Any way finding nothing there I walked back to my old room only to hear the unplugged tv go on in the empty room. So I walk back and suddenly see that the door which was once closed is now open. A happy woman in a 1920's white birdy dress with Martini glasses walk out of the room which has a load  of old fashioned music and various voices belching from it. She looked and smiled at me while walking pass me and I thought nothing further of it even though I knew we lived alone. So I continued to the room to check up on what happened and saw that the tv had moved and was now next to the door out side of the room. I opened the door and saw an grey entity writing on the walls with chalk singing something. Then I woke up. This happened pretty recently like a year or so which is why  I remember it so clearly.   

Georgian Home
This one I only dreamed once, I was a boy and it was not that late by modern standards. I shared my room with 2 other children and we where preparing to go to bed. I had to use the pot but suddenly an elder lady came in with keys in her hand and a candle in her other. She urged us to sleep. I said nothing about needing to go No #1 and she locked the door behind her. I then woke up. My Mom told me its a past live dream but I still have trouble believing that.
The Undersea School and the Skyscraper Penthouse

Once I dreamt that I was in a school underwater. The classes where done and we where supposed to take an elevator up to get home. To get to my home I had to insert a key and a combination. Suddenly I was shot up to skyscraper levels and I was home. It was like a huge rounded penthouse with ocean view. I had a small but cool tv set with digital transmission. It clearly felt like a pier and I did not feel like I had a room mate and felt lucky that I did not have one. Suddenly the elevator opened and a group of classmates visit and have a drink with me at my mini bar of sorts. Weird to have a bar at a learning institution but it was there. Aaaaand all I remember after that is waking up.

Busy Sky Boat
 Yes I dreamt about a city in the sky built like a boat. My bunk was small but stylish and at least I have my own bathroom. But I can't really remember much else about it because I had to work in a factory of sorts and I was done working but my food was depleted so I needed to get food somewhere. So I ran around the whole stupid structure to get to a 24 hour store. I passed numerous shops with people who know me and all let me pass even though they where all planning to close.
So after passing a really creepy open spot where you can clearly see the ocean just below I finally reached the shop! And then I woke up!! -_-  
 Why couldn't I be living on a flying boat city like this with Asian hottie included? -_-
 Why couldn't I be living on a flying boat city like this with Asian hottie included? -_-
Well this is certainly a really weird dream that kept coming back to me like 3 times in the past. I'm basically lying on a red bed with red sheaths and a red pillow. The home was basically an egg-like pod with a huge window and what I described above. I could not help but feel helpless in the pod as it was making turns around the fast emptiness. No way to steer or protect myself something like that.  

Boat House
I have had some dreams about living in a boat house on a Dutch canal always with two floors and to little space to walk outside but with loads of space inside to sleep in and to live in. a boat house always stays stationary its never used for actual travel but it can be capsized by dumb supporters which is basically why I never really dream about it any more.

Moon House
Yes its pretty typical but not for me, I only dreamed about it once! And it was pretty detailed which is the weird thing. I was all alone, I remember walking around and it was pretty much Otaku heaven for me. I had a large bed with green sheaths and cushions in a big room with wooden walls and a cool carpet on the floor. In the next room had a library for my Manga, Pulp and Comics with loads of free space for more. on the other side I had tons of Super Robot figures, Megazords and manga figures in a closed off closet made from either plastic or glass. In the middle I had a staircase of the same material which housed not only my most prize possessions but also led to an observatory with a telescope and a design table. On the first floor I had a gym and with a glass extension also a garden with various plants which was link to the main water supply. Between those two rooms is the big kitchen which is looked like those used in Master chef. In front it has my living room and on the side of that living room there where some sort of teleporting room which was filled with nerd memorabilia like a Green Lantern's Ring and a Jaffa staff and was linked to the earth, so my only way out. Now in way in front I had the main deal of the whole building a restaurant much like Booster Gold had in Kingdom Come BUT BETTER!! It was a 1950's style restaurant had 2 floors for costumers both in the front with large open space between my home and what can only be described as a huge glass dome for an optimal viewing experience of Earth and its satellites. In the back of the restaurant I had a separate space for families and noisy children. The restaurant could also be used as a cinema which I know because I was actually testing that option. The house was protected by a shield of sorts and the teleportation room could link to everywhere on Earth but mainly to the room I am using now which was empty in my dream. 

So I mainly found out of this because It seemed I was doing one last check up on everything in that place like I was opening the restaurant to a huge audience. And I'm happy I now typed it down so I won't ever forget it again lol

And that's about every dream house I remember and I'm glad I'm done ^^
Editor's Note: I should really do more dream blogs, that's why I'll put up an tag :)

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