maandag 30 juli 2012

Dino Thunder Megazord aka DX AbarenOh(Ji)

With my Power Morpher I got two megazords, one of them is my Dino Thunder Megazord. Buying this box was a good choice. Seeing how I got an original morpher and a bunch off goodies for €30 from France within 4 days.
So Tyranno is pretty much complete. First I was worried that the batteries where rusted. Like the ones from the morpher where. But thankfully its not the case. 
I like this zord. Its one of the most poseable Zords ever. And though I usually keep it in Megazord mode, I do like to toy with it a little once in a while. The drill gimmick though. Not really a fan of it, Same reason why I did not run to the online stores to get a GoZyuJin. Also I keep hitting the button on the side. So I keep the batteries out.
Ptera is sadly incomplete. Because I am missing the helmet. So I am holding her in a kind of normal Ptera crawl mode. I do love this design.
But I am missing the helmet in this picture. So I am going to try and buy a new one sooner or later. Not much else to say about it.
Tricera is so awesome! I love that Bandai America kept the diecast horns and gripping effect. Even though it sometimes causes the head to pop-off for no reason. 
Overall though I do love the Triceratops Zord but I think this is an real improvement over that old tank lol.
The Dino Thunder megazord is cool. Though the tail part of tricera keeps getting in the way on the shelf. Either was I do love that I keeps some of its posing abilities. And the drill arm looks awesome. Then again It just doesn't fit on my shelf!
  And as I said. Its missing its helmet. So this should not be the completed mecha!
Instead I usually take Ptera off and make this dude which was only formed once if I recall correctly.
Which is the formation of just Tyranno and Tricera. I can't even recall if it was in Dino Thunder. But then again all I remember from DT is Tommy being awesome. lol Any way this thing improves so much for me. For one thing the Tricera tail is out of the way. And this is a complete formation. Also it makes room for more mecha because the drill is out of the way on the right.
 MV made by TheIchipai  ©Toei LTD
That's pretty much all I got to say. Sad that I don't have a box for it. But then again this megazord is designed so be split up in tiny little pieces and that's pretty much how I got it. Its pretty handy. Any way next time I'll post some S.H.Figuarts or something Chinese whatever.

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