maandag 30 juli 2012

Dino Stegazord AKA DX Dino Killeroh

Another mecha I got in the box is the Dino Stegozord
I like the Stegazord. Even though its bulky due to the battery case and the ratchet mechanisms in the chest.
Despite those this thing looks almost as natural as the other Dinozords. Though I do not care for the fin gimmick on the back. Its really annoying when the button in the neck gets pressed out and the fins moves.
 Sadly I am missing the vital middle piece of the Drago Zord. Which forms the main body in zord mode and the spear in the Megazord mode.
One thing I am annoyed at with this Megazord are those legs. Like the new megazords it spread its legsto take in space
But that isn't the worst offender on this thing, Nope its the feet! which are long on both the back and front. combined with the fins on its back and the black parts on what are supposed to form the wings on the Drago Zord make this thing really fat. Normally I have space left on my shelf's but this thing takes up all that.
As for the combo. I can really form the Valkasaurus Megazord. I am missing the part that actually forms the wings on this thing. So it feels really incomplete.
Arm Switching!!                                     
Though arm swapping is fine. Not surprising since it was the gimmick of the show.
 But I do like it when it just looks wrong lol
 Finally! Abare Gokaioh!!
Though these keep popping off they do look funny xD

Okay this filler is done. Hope everything arrives so I can finally move on!

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