donderdag 12 januari 2012

Karas DVD Set Rant

Yes, Yes... I bought the dvd set after watching the 6 episode series on youtube, And didn't watch the dvd's till I felt like it... Which is now... years later... But any way I watched the set today even though I wanted to watch it when I was in Dordrecht (the dvd player was broke) And the first disc was al right, with Dutch and French Sub titles... But then I watched Disc two and found this:
Disc two does not have any Dutch subs!! WTF Tatsunoko!?! Why would you let Dybex do this half-assed? Dybex WTH are my subs!?! Even worse the audio on Disc 2 is stuck on commentary! So even if I wanted to watch it raw I can't enjoy it, because of the voice actors who are talking through all 3 episodes! I only support torrents if you 1: can't get the material on dvd or any other sort of other material in your language. Or 2:  Having only 1 half of the dvd set be of use to me (my french sucks) seems a justified reason for me to burn a disc. And I will! I bought this dvd set so I paid for the subs... Off to the torrents!

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