zaterdag 22 december 2012

End Of The World?

NOPE!, But remember how I always claim that I might as well consider my dreams as trips to alternate universes? Well I had another one today.

In this dream I had a cute girlfriend and even though she wasn't allowed to see me, she decided to hang out with me at my grandparents place because, screw all that noise. Any way the tv room was still in my Grandpa's room for some reason and we where watching tv. We watched CNN (why? I dunno maybe BBC ain't airing) And it showed that scientists where opening some tombs on the South-pole, The ones that opened the door apparently died of pressure that was released from the inside of the door. Then suddenly light came from inside the tomb and the stupid scientists entered. After an hour of which we mostly spend snuggling and wrestling on the bed we see that CNN got a report that they lost the scientists and how there are weird bird-like noises that are so loud that its almost deafening coming from the insides of the ruins. And surely enough there's weird mixes of Troodons/Raptors coming from the ruins. Attacking people.... Eating them.... Greaaaaat... I can't even get a break in alternate realities can I? Any way I woke up and I assume that the Dinosaurs who are so technologically advanced pretty much wiped us out and ate us all. Because of course. There's no Doctor to stop them, And they didn't seem Silurian enough to NOT see us as food. So yeah we're boned in that universe. Glad to be not there even though I am single...
Happy holidays to one and all!!
Rebecca hailing from Álfheimr?                                                                            23-12-2012
Okay guess I wasn't quite done yet, But I refuse to make another blog so I'm just editing this one instead.

My dream starts with my walking in to a tower filled city, the towers where clear white and looked liked rectangle trees with dark brown rooftops, there was water coming out of the towers in forms of waterfalls. The streets where paved which to find the best earthly comparison huge 1000 year gold tiles like the ones they use in the forbidden city's throne room. And at each end of the street that doesn't lead to a tower it leaves to a lake formed from the waterfalls. Those lakes in turn slowly drain down below and you could clearly see that it was built on the side of a huge mountain. I dunno why I was there but I entered one of the towers.  The doors where strangely modern slide doors, The floors where covered with dull grey confetti covered rugs. And right next to the door there was this blond elf lady with glasses sitting behind rack of brochures. And I still don't know why but I started to complain to her. She took it as bored as possible and sighed it away. Then I told her about a young red-headed elf I met before calling her Rebecca an daughter of a hunter and how she never seemed to have an childhood like Rebecca had. She became angry at me and pointed me out of the door. Then I woke up and the first thing I though was that Rebecca wasn't her name. Her name was Laylya. Dunno why I said the wrong thing in my dream but I guess that's her real name. Wish I could go through the tree of life and travel every where except maybe that city I just dreamed of xD

I might update again when I had another dream worth writing down. :)

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