donderdag 12 juli 2012

Pokémon Cards Update.

I havent done this in a while. I was getting bored with doing a blog for every new card edition. So I waited for about a year or two. So now I got enough lol.
I got a new venusaur. And a foil Snivy.
I now got 2 Shuckle's a Leafeon. Roserade and Bellossom are new too
 I haven't got much new fire types in these pages. Only Tepig and Emboar
Reshiram and Ho-oh are new though. Got two Shiny Gyarados cards, a new Fereligatr card.
Luvdisc is new. Deoxys & Xatu are new here. Nothing much else here.

Got new Regigigas is new here so is the normal Garchomp
  Amphoros is new, So are Zekrom and Pachirisu
Not much new here. just Lucario
New here: Nidoqueen, Magnezone, Galadadi... Pretty much everything really. I especially like the special cards from the Black & White set. Got them on the first go
Other Cards                             

 Got no new Yu-Gi-Oh cards lol But I got a new place to put my rares/favourites
 These Pony cards are new though. I got no gold Applejack card. Because I got mine from Taobao before the set was release. The fake Pokemon cards are mostly new though. They came with this collection folder.
  And to finish off
 These cardboard cards are awesome. I never collected these. Glad I bought them.

 That's about it. No real content just cards lol. Next I'll post a real blog bye :)

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  1. for some reson, this remembers me this fnart i saw og Godzilla as a pokemon card.